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alternative energy

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Research in alternative energy is very vigorous,
we expect every Day new techniques for more
efficiency with less cost. People doing business
in this field must constantly adjust to keep the
pass. They know that efficiency and low cost
mean better competition and more demand.
Consequently, they welcome new techniques.
Producers of traditional energy do not oppose
to alternative energy, because they did accrue
their wealth enough for them and their next
generation. They too favor alternative energy,
because they wish for their next generation an
environment with more clean air and less type
of cancers.
So, everybody love alternative energy and new
techniques that make it competitive……………
Solar panels
Increasing the efficiency of the solar panel just with
combination of regular mirrors. We bealive that this
idea can make at just one solar panel do the work of
two or more panels. The inespensif mirrors, can also
make the panel work even when the sun light is poor
because of the clouds. See Fig 1 & Fig 2 below.

A standard solar panel deployed directly to the sun
The same standard panel combined with mirrors that
can intensify the sun light.
The only protection to new ideas is the regular patent.
The ideas show here are free for people that desire to
improve it and make it functional. It is honest donation;
please, make honest use of it.

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